Spring City Mill Studios Open House


I’m happy to say my series of “Life” is getting a breath of life again. My very talented friend Tina Crespo will be showcasing a bunch of artists and I’m honored that I will be her first visiting artist in her space this month. Come check her amazing art and space  and many more artists.

{ fairy houses }

Hello! I illustrated a children’s book recently that accompanies a fairy house for Dreamland Fairy. Illustrating this book was quite an accomplishment for me, since I was freelancing, working part time at a very demanding AD agency, and most importantly caring for my 9 months old twins. It was all the more rewarding to get such nice reviews. So go to the website.

Dreamland Fairy Children's Book
Dreamland Fairy Children’s Book

{ world championship materials }

FD Poster 2012
FD Poster 2012
2012 FD World Championship - Program
2012 FD World Championship – Program

Flying Dutchman World Championship was held in the United States last year in 2012. I was asked to design their materials (posters, programs, and t-shirts, as well as their plaques). There were teams arriving from all over the world and I was thrilled to introduce my designs for them. It was held in California and they wanted a retro theme, showcasing the fun and history of the state. Check out some of my designs at the week long regatta.

{ i’m still here }

Hi everyone. I’m sorry I haven’t been here in awhile. I am keeping busy with my design job and freelance work and mostly spending time with my newborn twins. It has been a very busy year, so I apologize for not keeping up with my posting. I just been so excited preparing for my new babies before they arrived and now that they are here I just so much enjoy spending my time with them along with creating whatever my clients need that I have fallen off the social blogging network. But you will see me here more again!

{ bliss habits }

I’m excited to say, Kathy from Bliss Habits is doing a big blogversary giveaway from May 11-June 3 and she is offering my “Stealing Stars” print as one of her offering!  Check out her blog and if you enter you can win one of her giveaways and perhaps my illustration! “All sweepstakes in the Blogversary-apolooza are FREE to enter and no purchase is necessary. Winners will be selected randomly from all entries received prior to contest end.” You should check out her blog anyway, she’s has great insights on how to have a blissful life. Who doesn’t need more content and peace in their lives? 🙂

{ winter }

So the year started with some freelance illustrations with children magazine and logos. My husband is a Flying Dutchman sailor and was asked to assist with all the World Championship promotional materials. Competitors will be coming from all the world to USA, since USA will be hosting this year. Very excited to be designing along with my husband for this very big project.