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So this is about this poor scarecrow that is falling apart in every possible way. His arm is torn, he’s cold, lonely, and his spirit is nearly broken. He’s in such bad shape, yet, he welcomes any visitor with a smile and hospitality. It’s not his nature to be rude or have a horrible disposition. He hangs out in the rough elements, alone, and he still finds some strength to survive, knowing tomorrow will be the same. But who knows, perhaps this day will bring along a visitor, a friend.

You can also find this piece in etsy to order.

{ booooouutiful holiday }

A Walk in the Dark

A lot of people say my work is kind of sweet, but kind of dark. I guess you can categorized my work in the “halloween” section. When I initially started illustrating again my work transitioned itself from romantic realism to morbidly sad, dark, and yet sweet with a twist of humor and surreal style…. I will take that. It’s more fun and interesting for me to have an open window of endless dream-like/tim burton-esk subject matter. It’s only fitting to showcase this illustration again for the Spooky Holiday, since it had a lot of responses to how “dark” it is.
Happy Halloween!

{ halloween cards }

Halloween Blank Cards
Finished some illustration for the holidays.
I am in the process of working on the full color version of this illustration. I would’ve liked to have finished this earlier, but I was heavily focusing on my holiday/promotional card that will be mailed to publishing houses this December. Wish me luck!