I’m currently new to wordpress, even with blogging for that matter. I’m slowly switching over my work from a free template website, to here. I’ve had so many things on my mind, about art, that keeps running through my head. Joining wordpress would be a great idea to jot these thoughts down and keep track of them along with my artwork. I want to follow through in my ideas and not loose them, a good way to write down my goals and eventually execute them. Now I can cross “joining wordpress” off my list. Mission accomplished.

I recently got laid off from work, well it’s been six months. I was a senior designer/art director in an advertising firm. Sadly, we lost a major client, hence, me being laid off. This is the story for alot of people now-a-days. But I have been freelancing and recently got a part job back with my previous job. Who knows where it will go from here. But since being laid off, I have been focusing heavily on my illustrations. And because of this blind fortune of being laid off, I knew my focus is to get my own art published. It’s no easy feat. And that’s the reason for rearranging my website and the blogging. It’s a brand new career move and it has been waiting for me to come back and readdress it, since I abandoned it for years to focus on graphic design. As much as I enjoy graphic design and working for a firm, it isn’t as rewarding as creating my own art.

So this is the beginning of my journey. I veered away from my true passion for awhile, but I’m excited, yet scared, to walk on it’s path again. Wish me luck. Never too late to return or make a new dream.

PS. I’m horrible at writing.

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