{comments and scheduling}

This image is one of my many sketches for Augustine Caravan.
Even in the final didn’t quite look like this, but fairly close.
See final illustration here.

Still trying to figure out how to show comments here. Hmmmm. I guess I need some time to figure things out here in wordpress world.

I’m doing some quick/warmup sketches today. I do this exercise as much as I can, helps me relax and loosen up before I go onto more final sketches. As I do this, I try to create an illustration in my head. I have so many ideas lingering in my marble, but how can I make them better and different?

It has taken me awhile to wrap my head on my art today after doing some freelance work this week. I’m trying to set up weekly routine to help me finish my daily to-do list. If I don’t have a concrete schedule then I won’t be able to focus. I work part-time, but then when there’s another day added onto my schedule it really throws me off. I’m trying to adjust to this type of schedule and just work more spontaneously. My goal for this year is get some of work published and I have a story in my head that I eventually would get out onto paper and create a children’s book….easier said than done. It will be a lot of work, but I happily invite it. I was offered a solo-show for my illustrations, I’m doing my best to create more illustrations to put in the show, so FOCUS is my theme for the next few months. Life seems to be very exciting right now and I don’t want to scare myself from it.

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