{orders and brainstorming}

It’s been a busy day putting orders together, they are ready to be shipped to their new owners. “Overjoyed” is usually the feeling that comes over me when an artwork is requested. It’s showing me I’m going in the right direction with my art, unlike before where I had plenty of rejection. It also was a busy day sketching some ideas for the next illustration. There are a few that is ready to go to final sketch. These will be more simple, but there’s still a lot to ponder over.

This thing called “creating my own thing” has been the best decision I’ve made in a long time. Nothing compares to the feeling of showing my own vision and actually getting positive feedback. It’s pure elation to create something from me, the idea, the sketches, the execution and promotion. It starts with me and it ends with me…. ahhh ownership, but then for them to be received well, it feels nice to stop thinking I’m hopeless. Yep, everything is still scary, but in a good way.

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