{ visual artists and nature }

What is it with artists and nature. I know I’m not the only one that has noticed this, but a lot of the visual artists that I see has a keen sensibility with nature. Not only do they sketch or paint the outdoors, but some of them are athletes. They run, hike, climb mountains, mountain bike; whatever it is they are drawn to the outdoors. Is it because with visual artists we study everything? How the sun shines through a tree and the shadow it creates, how the light wraps around the trunks, and the cool, contrast shade of shadow it creates, and the colors of its surroundings sits so quietly on the bark. Or how to capture a river flowing on a stagnant page? It goes on forever. Is it because we study it so much we just want to breathe nature, feel the air, smell it, see it, live in it…. with every season, every cloud, every rain? I get a constant question of, what’s my favorite season, i got to say, I like it all. The light and color when the sun rises is different not only each season, but everyday. Now to get myself out there early enough to capture the fog and midst that hovers the lake. …….Nature! Love it!

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