{ 2014 calendar honoring the victims of Typhoon Yolanda }

Albeit small, I created and selling a 6×6 calendar of 12 illustrations of my work. ALL proceeds will go to REDCROSS for the Typhoon Yolanda innocent victims in the Philippines. I’m asking for $11.00 each, it comes along with a 4×6 card (see image) plus $2.00 shipping. Of course, if you want to donate more, that is more than welcome, it is going to a much needed cause. The Philippines is my birth country, so this is very close to my heart. My mind is on the parents that are now childless and the children that are now parentless and for the wounded who are slowly losing their life because they have no aid while other who have more pressing injuries to be taken cared of first. As many of you know, many provinces in the Philippines have been struck by Typhoon Yolanda, many are homeless, many who lost their loved ones. Send me a private message here if you are interested and I promise you that your donation will go directly to REDCROSS and plus you’ll get some decent art along with it. Or you can donate on your own. If I ask for anything, this is it. Please Donate to a non-government organization that can aid these victims directly. Nothing is too small, these people will continue to need help. It will, in my heart, hope to help the wounded, the homeless, the hungry and thirsty, and help the lost find their way back to their family and home and more importantly the lost children will remain with their relatives. Thank you.

Please go to my etsy shop to purchase. I will keep everyone updated of how much we have put together to help the filipino people.


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